2020 International Conference on Advancements of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

In view of corporate ethics and social responsibility practices, the importance of business decisions has increased significantly, making it one of the major topics in management. Coupled with the accelerating impacts of environmental issues as well as of digital technology in recent years, today's business operations face the challenge to re-examine their resilience and responsibilities in a rapidly changing environment.

Additionally, over the past few years, the Ministry of Education has actively promoted the practice of social responsibility in universities. In 2018, more than 100 colleges and universities across Taiwan participated in the implementation of nearly 200 projects to help re-construct the connection between universities and their communities, thereby strengthen their social influences. Grounded on the fundamental spirit of corporate social responsibility, the concept of university social responsibility emphasizes the balance between a university and its stakeholders; and plays a major role in putting the knowledge of social responsibility into practice.

Accordingly, this conference attempts to provide the international academic community a platform which promotes communication and information exchange in terms of academic theories and business practices. It is hoped that latest knowledge and ideas in corporate ethics, industry and technology trends, environmental issues and various social responsibility practice cases, etc. will be introduced through the presentations and academic articles. The conference also promotes the development of research and application of corporate ethics, and enhances the understanding of corporate ethics theory and practice.

The College of Business at Chung Yuan Christian University is committed to providing a holistic education, nurturing its students to become business professionals with innovative thinking and collaboration skills, and to develop ethical leaders with global perspectives and local focus. Therefore, as early as 1993, CYCU took the lead in making “Business Ethics” as an undergraduate compulsory course at the COB, and the COB has actively promoted corporate social responsibility and business ethics for many years. By combining the University’s Social Responsibility (USR) with learning, students not only learn about team work and communication skills, but can actually apply their knowledge to help underprivileged groups.

On November 19th, 2019, CYCU signed a contract with the Foundation for Yunus Social Business to join the university as part of the alliance of Yunus Social Business Center of Taiwan. Yunus Social Business offers a dignified hand out of poverty to millions of people through Social Business and believes that the power of business can end poverty. In 2006, Professor Muhammand Yunus and the Grameen Bank he founded jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their “efforts of promoting bottom economy and social development.” As for thins point, Professor Yunus has devoted himself to improving the situation of the poor for more than thirty years and has widespreadly begun to attract attentions and responses from all walks of life. The most important thing is that he successfully improved to the world that it is possible to achieve specific social goals and solve social problems through social business. The operation mechanism of Grameen Bank can end the vicious circle of poverty. A society without poverty indeed a possible dream to achieve.

The Department of Business Administration and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Research Center of the College of Business at Chung Yuan Christian University are offered to host the "2020 International Conference on Advancements of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility" which will be held on October 24th, 2020. It is expected that the research and practical application of domestic corporate ethics will contribute to the establishment of a sustainable value development system in the implementation of corporate ethics, corporate social responsibility, environmental ethics, and university social responsibility practices, based on existing corporate and university teaching system. We sincerely welcome the participation of both academic researchers and practitioners in management.



中原大學企業管理學系及商學院企業社會責任研究中心謹訂於109年10月24日共同舉辦「2020 年企業倫理與社會責任精進國際學術研討會」,期望能夠對國內外企業倫理的研究與實務應用能有所貢獻,並藉以思考在推展企業倫理、企業社會責任與公司治理等理念時,如何能落實於企業的體制之中,以建立一個永續發展的企業價值體系。竭誠歡迎管理學界與實務界的先進共襄盛舉。



Conference organizers

College of Business, Chung Yuan Christian University
Department of Business Administration, Chung Yuan Christian University
Center for CSR, Chung Yuan Christian University
Yunus Centre, Yunus Social Business Centre,
中原大學商學院、中原大學企業管理學系、中原大學商學院企業社會責任研究中心、Yunus Centre

Conference Co-organizers
Foundation for Yunus Social Business Taiwan
Teaching Center for Professional Ethics, Chung Yuan Christian University
Center of Enterprise Innovation, Chung Yuan Christian University
台灣尤努斯社會企業基金會、 中原大學專業倫理教學發展中心、中原大學企業創新研究中心




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Tel: 03-2655104
E-Mail: alansu@cycu.edu.tw

2. Miss. Yu, Hsiao-Yi (Registration fee payment)
Tel: 03-2655105
E-Mail: andie@cycu.edu.tw


1. 蘇玟叡先生(論文投稿)
E-Mail: alansu@cycu.edu.tw

2. 尤曉儀小姐(繳交註冊暨審查費)
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